Working Areas

Environment Policy & Regulation

Gati Foundation believes in the objective of preserving natural resources, maintaining the ecological sustainability and guaranteeing social equality. With the judicious use of natural resources equitable growth can be achieved and developmental goals can be secured. Continued progress in the waste (solid and liquid, plastic, bio-medical, e-waste and all other forms of waste) management domain is one of the key priorities for the Foundation, with air pollution being another area of concern and focus.

mountain n devlopment - Working Area

Sustainable Mountain Development

Traditionally, communities living in mountains have always had a symbiotic relationship with nature and natural resources that helped the eco-system survive unscathed over centuries. This relationship with nature was based on coexistence rather than competition. They have been the richest source of flora and fauna and many other precious resources and play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. Mountains also serve as a source of income, food and subsistence for people. Due to increased human activities and climate change, mountains are being harmed and polluted. Gati aims to protect these mountains through strategic policy interventions.

Urban Governance

Today, with rising population and increased rural-urban migration, cities are becoming heavily stressed. Issues such as land, traffic, health, environment and waste need to be seen with a fresh perspective. Believing in the doctrine of an eco-friendly and sustainable approach, Gati aims at developing balanced and sustainable models of urban development which lay stress on resource reduction.

Urban Governance - Working Area