Gati Talks- Democracy and Citizen Engagement

Gati Talks is a flagship community outreach initiative by Gati Foundation aimed at deliberating issues dealing with the public interest at large. On 31 March 2019 (Sunday), Gati organized a talk with Dr. Annpurna Nautiya, Vice Chancellor of HNB Garhwal Central University, Uttarakhand. She is also a Fulbright fellow and Professor of Political Science. The talk discussed issues such as key voting trends of Uttarakhand in 2014 General Elections, concept of NOTA, Women Reservation Bill, creation of the third front in Uttarakhand and data analysis behind elections.

The talk witnessed participation of 100+ citizens from various professions. Young students from different colleges and universities in Dehradun also joined us. The panel was moderated by Rishabh Shrivastava, Policy Analyst and Digital Editor, Gati Foundation. After the panel discussion, an interactive Q&A session followed.